Our company has started its Facebook page and YouTube channel. You can see video messages from artists on these links.


With the spread of the Coronavirus disease 2019, it has been decided that YEK2020 will be postponed to next year.
It will take place from August 8th (Sunday) to August 12th (Thursday) 2021.


Information about YEK Ensemble Academy tickets for this year.
This year as well, tickets for Karuizawa are on sale from today. Please apply from this page: LINK


Recruiting of employee:
Our company is currently seeking for a full-time employee. We are looking for applications interested in the production of classical performances → recruiting over


YEK2020 Leaflet is completed. For the people who are looking for the application guidelines, please feel free to contact us by phone: 03-6418-1008 or by email. Application are available from 4th grade in elementary school to university student. Let’s aim for leveling up in a training camp of musical instruments!