• Production of concerts

    For the clients who wish to hold a concert,
    In order to create different results,
    We will propose the best concert plan.

    We firmly accept the results desired by the client for the concert,
    And we will produce the music you need on the spot depending on and following your budget.

    From the selection of artists, chairman, to the light meals during breaks, from the after-performance party, to the decorations of flowers, from the photoshooting to commemorate, etc.
    Our company will lead you to a successful event with all the details and important elements.
    We will make the best use of our network for you.

  • Support of culture - Corporate Social Contribution activities

    Fureai concert

    Fureai Trio Concert: local companies also support us at the venue.

    KK trading takes care of the planning, production, and operates for the support of culture
    as well as the Corporate Social Contribution activities.
  • 10th Young Ensemble Academy in Karuizawa (YEK)

    Organization: YEK Executive Committee
    Cooperation: ROHTO Pharmaceutical
    Collaboration: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Karuizawa Ohga Hall, Karuizawa Prince Hotel
    Support: Town of Karuizawa, Board of Education from the Town of Karuizawa, The Shinano Mainichi Shimbun, Shin-Etsu Broadcasting Co., Ltd., NAGANO FM, FM Karuizawa, Board of Education from Nagano Prefecture, Tourism Association of Karuizawa