• In an era of rapid change, one thing has to be remembered: “Heart of the Mind”.

    During our unique life, isn’t it important to keep every day a smile on our face for the people around us?
    Our company strives for the best for other people in order to make them feel happiness and being touched, during a once-in-a-lifetime moment, with our best service and care. And from behind the scene, we also keep in mind to manage artists in the same way we can applause and say “Bravo”.
    The future, such as global warming and declining birthrate, is by no means optimistic but we still believe in the future and hope to continue evolving as a company which gives dreams, hopes and courage to the world through art.

    President Keiko Yoshida
  • Company overview

    Company’s nameK trading co., LTD.
    RepresentativePresident Keiko Yoshida


  • Company’s ideal

    • ・Making as much as possible lots of audience, artists and the staff enjoy.
    • ・Aiming to develop management of artists in concordance with the situation and time.
    • ・Always aiming for efficient and smart work, and in order to do so, attach importance to innovation in business and projects.
    • ・Always understanding our partners feelings and then taking action in unison that make them pleased.
    • ・Maintaining an enjoyable workplace.
    • ・While always having curiosity, we constantly think about new ideas and concepts.
    • ・Recognizing and respect all the different talents and creating a workplace that helps teamwork.

    Description of work

    • ・Provide planning business (concerning intellectual products) that connects “corporation”, “arts” and “people”.
    • ・Proposal for concerts project.
    • ・Support the spreading of music in our daily lives and the establishment of local cultural activities.
    • ・Management of magnificent artists.
    • ・Support of young people who aim to become musicians.
    • ・Deployment of excellent artists that meet the customer’s needs.
    • ・Support of Corporate Social Contribution activities through music.